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What’s gucci?!

I offer Natal Chart interpretations which are $250 and include a 5-6 page pdf of your birth chart. My interpretations are in audio format, like a podcast. Usually about 45 minutes long.

Card readings are $77, if you would like more than one reading, I charge $22 for each additional reading, but it must be paid at the same time and for the same session. Here are the card readings I offer at this time:

  • 2020 monthly energy forecast – 12 card spread
  • What Akua wants you to know i kēia manawa (right now)
  • Love/relationship advice
  • Career/purpose kōkua (help)
  • Health/wellness guidance
  • Money manaʻo (financial )
  • Whatʻs coming towards you*
  • Energy forecast
  • Full Moon release
  • New Moon intention

*for the current month unless specified in the last text box

My queue is currently: open

Please fill out the super user-friendly e-mail form below and give me 48 business hours to respond. I do readings Monday – Friday from 9 am to 3 pm Mountain Time.

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2020 ReadingWhat Akua Wants you to KnowLove/RelationshipCareer/PurposeHealth/WellnessMoney Mana'oWhat's ComingEnergy ForecastFull Moon ReleaseNew Moon Intention